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Homebuilders Headquarters
EAA's Homebuilders HeadquartersThe purpose of Homebuilders Headquarters is to assist EAA members with the initial decision as to whether homebuilding is right for him/her; to promote the free exchange of information between members in the great EAA tradition of members helping members; to increase the safety of EAA member-built aircraft by providing information on standard practices for the construction, testing, and maintenance of your homebuilt; to present the homebuilder with a wealth of information that will help in the completion of his/her project; and to provide EAA members with resources to pursue their dream of designing their own aircraft. Find out more

EAA Government Relations
EAA Government Relations
When you belong to EAA, you're a member of an organization that has its finger on the pulse of government issues affecting recreational aviation. 

We do this by monitoring federal government notices and publications, our Washington staff staying in daily contact with FAA Headquarters, calls and emails from members, and by responding to the changes that impact recreational aviation. EAA headquarters staff, Washington staff, and volunteers work with more than a dozen federal agencies, including the FAA, and Transport Canada to help shape future policies. Find out more

EAA ChaptersYour EAA Membership offers far more than just an annual Convention and great monthly magazine. It also qualifies you to join a local EAA Chapter where another whole dimension of enjoyment and value may be found. Chapters are the gathering place where Members interact and participate in aviation activities at the local level. This is where the heart and spirit of the EAA is found 365 days a year. Chapters are a unique and essential element of the EAA. Without the International network of Chapters, the accomplishments of the EAA, its contribution to the world of sport aviation, and the value of membership would be greatly diminished. Find out more

EAA Aeromedical Advisory Program
EAA Aeromedical Advisory Program
EAA is committed to keeping our members flying. When you develop a medical condition that might compromise your ability to obtain, maintain, or regain airman medical certification, the first thing you must do is to become knowledgeable about the condition and how it might affect airman medical certification. EAA has developed the Aeromedical Advisory Programs to assist you with problem medical certification. You should avail yourself of any and all information that will provide knowledge of the condition in question. Find out more


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