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EAA AirVenture Museum Events

Wings on Strings
April 19
EAA invites kids of all ages to attend Wings on Strings—a program filled with kite demonstrations, kite-making workshops, and kite-flying along Pioneer Airport’s grass runway.
Demonstrators include several kite ballet teams and kite-flying experts. Fly your own kite(s) or make one during the kite-making workshops. At noon watch the spectacular Grand Launch of 300+ kites and the Kids Mad Dash at 1:30 p.m. Wings on Strings activities are free, and admission to the EAA AirVenture Museum is half price for the entire family! This exciting Saturday event runs from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
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B-17 at Oshkosh
EAA Aviation Foundation’s B-17 Flying Fortress kicks off its Midwest “Road to Kitty Hawk Tour” in Oshkosh on Saturday, April 26. This day only, museum admission includes a ground tour of the Aluminum Overcast, beginning at 2 p.m. at Orion Flight Services, located near the main terminal building at Wittman Regional Airport.
This might be a one-time opportunity to see or fly in one of America’s most storied military aircraft. For others, it’s a chance to reconnect with their military past and share it with family and friends. Flights are $350 for EAA members and $395 for nonmembers. Reserve by phone 800/359-6217 or e-mail b17@eaa.org. (Note: e-mail reservations must be received one week in advance of flight) For more details, visit www.b17.org/.


April 21-24
Richmond, Fairfax, Chesapeake, Roanoke Virginia Aviation Safety Week, Jeanie Carter 804-236-3639 jcarter@doav.state.va.us www.doav.state.va.us
April 25-26
Pineville, LA Chapter 614 Annual Spring Fly-In, Pineville Municipal Airport Jim Moody 318-793-2992 moody888@aol.com www.eaa614.org
April 26
Hibbing, MN 8th Annual Chili/Hot Dog Extravagance Fly-In, Hibbing Airport HIB Dennis Murr 218-263-4152 dlmurr@uslink.net

Carthage, NC Spring Fly-In and Pigpickin, Gilliam-Mcconnell Airfield 5NC3 Roland Gilliam or Gary Cyr 910-947-3608 or 910-947-3599 amg@ac.net www.eaa1220.org

Stockbridge, GA Pancake Breakfast and Parts Swap, Berry Hill 4A0 Harold E. Spivey 706-646-3835 haroldspivey@alltel.net

Conroe, TX EAA Chapter 302 Fly-In, Montgomery County Airport CXO Butch Carr 936-756-0127 BcarrAviator@aol.com www.eaa302.org

Bowling Green, OH Cafe 582 Pancake Breakfast,Wood County Airport 1G0 Loren Sattler 419-385-5829 lcs7@buckeye-express.com www.eaa582.org

Tucson, AZ Fly-In/Pancake Breakfast, La Cholla Airpark 40E Terrance B Langen 520-546-3951 tblangen@startrek.net

Bowling Green, OH EAA 582 Opens New Chapter Home, Wood County 1G0 Lonnie Prince 419-877-5557 eaaprince@aol.com www.eaa582.org

McCordsville, IN Chapter 1121 Pancakes N' Spam Fly-In, Brookside Airport 2IN2 Leroy Wheeler 317-634-5970 flyboy3847@sbcglobal.net

Reading, PA General Aviation Fun Fly-In, Reading Regional Airport RDG 610-376-5447 www.readingairport.org

April 26-27
Godley, TX Classic BBQ, Camping and More, Benjamin Franklin 59TX Benjamin Morrison 817-309-3959 b.f.morrison@att.net www.aerovents.com

Orlando, FL Orlando Air Fair, Orlando Executive Airpot ORL Don McLendon 407-831-9356 n742dm@aol.com www.eaa74.org

Mobile, AL Spring Fly-In, Saint Elmo 2R5 Ron Collier 251-639-9650 eaa1209@aol.com

April 27
Rantoul, IL Fly-In Pancake Breakfast, Octave Chanute Air Museum, Ed Balogh Jr. 217-367-8499 balogh@uiuc.edu

Cumberland, MD EAA Chapter 426 Fly-In Breakfast, Greater Cumberland Regional CBE Harry Dolly 814-356-3773

Young Eagles Rallies

April 24
Grant Co Regional - Silver City, NM Chapter 555 - Chuck McLean 505-525-2007

April 25
Pineville Muni Airport - Pineville, LA Chapter 614 - Cenla Escadrille 318-451-8804 Rain Date of 5/2/2003

Ben Franklin Airport - Godley, TX Chapter 670 - Ben Morrison 817-309-3959

April 26
St Elmo Airport - St Elmo, AL Chapter 1209 - Ron Collier 251-639-9650

Fallbrook Community Airpark - Fallbrook, CA Chapter 1279 - Steven Williamson 909-699-3078 Rain Date of 5/3/2003

Hayward Airport - Hayward, CA Chapter 29 - Cheryl Andrade 510-581-8869

Salinas Muni Airport - Salinas, CA Chapter 204 - Pat Smith 408-229-2386

Sarasota-Bradenton Airport - Sarasota, FL Chapter 180 - Frank Szachta 941-729-3010

Albert Whitted Airport - St Petersburg, FL Chapter 47 - Eugene Naves 727-343-8034 Rain Date of 4/27/2003

Vero Beach Airport Hangar #16 - Vero Beach, FL Chapter 99 - Clark Eckman 772-569-0375

St Simons Island Airport - St Simons, GA Chapter 905 - Gene Copas 912-466-0576 Rain Date of 5/18/2003

Berry Hill Airport - Stockbridge, GA Chapter 468 - Harold Spivey 706-646-3835

Aurora Muni Airport - Sugar Grove, IL Chapter 579 - Alan Shackleton 630-466-4193

Taylorville Airport (TAZ) - Taylorville, IL Chapter 1315 - Michael Seeley 217-287-7793 Rain Date of 4/27/2003

Rush Co Airport - La Crosse, KS Chapter 1134 - Steve Dyer 620-793-8148

Salina Muni Airport (SLN) - Salina, KS Chapter 1127 - Dale Weinhold 785-472-4309

Dexter Airport - Dexter, MO Chapter 453 - Ernest Chiles 573-243-8489 Rain Date of 5/17/2003

Washington Memorial Apt (MO6) - Washington, MO Chapter 32 - George Stephenson 314-521-3073 

Jean Airport - Jean, NV Chapter 1300 - James Bonelli 702-242-5002 

Owens Columbia Dwntwn Airport - Columbia, SC Chapter 242 - Paul Carter 803-794-1438

Lebanon Muni Airport - Lebanon, TN Chapter 863 - Gary Piper 615-824-0342

Cedar Mills Marina (3T0) - Cedar Mills, TX Chapter 323 - Rich Worstell 903-523-4899 Rain Date of 5/3/2003

Granbury Muni Airport - Granbury, TX Chapter 983 - Barbara Wilson 817-279-1379 

Kerrville Louis Schreiner Field - Kerrville, TX Chapter 747 - John Osborn 830-896-4614 Rain Date of 4/27/2003

Lampasas Airport - Lampasas, TX Chapter 542 - James Livingston 254-680-4785 Rain Date of 5/10/2003

Stafford Regional Airport (RMN) - Stafford, VA Chapter 186 - Ginny Largent 301-946-2321 Rain Date of 5/3/2003

April 2003
AA Desktop Calendar

EAA's April desktop calendar sports this colorful pair of Curtiss Jennies, including a homebuilt replica of the Canadian version (forefront) called the "Canuck." To get your copy, visit the EAA website.



The Official Electronic Newsletter of EAA
Join Us As We Celebrate 100 Years of Powered Flight
at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2003!

April 18, 2003   Volume 3, Number 17

News You Can Use ---

EAA Responds Angrily to Boston Globe Editorial 
EAA reacted strongly today to an editorial in this morning's Boston Globe ("Terror from small planes") that depicted small aircraft as a primary terrorist threat. EAA is responding directly to the Globe and encouraging pilots and other aviation enthusiasts to do the same at letter@globe.com.

The Globe used the Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) issued for downtown Chicago and the closure of Meigs Field in that city as a sensible response to curtail the threat of terrorism in that city, and suggested that Boston should consider banning general aviation near the city. The Globe ignored the facts, however, that Chicago mayor Richard Daley asked for his city's TFR as a political maneuver after Washington, D.C. and New York received them in March, and Daley himself has now admitted that the closing of Meigs had nothing to do with his earlier reason of a security threat.
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New York ADIZ, Chicago TFR Canceled; D.C. Restrictions Remain For Now
Stadium Overflight, D.C. Waivers Reinstated; D.C.-3 Screening Ends
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced Thursday the cancellation of several airspace restrictions because of a lowered terrorist threat level from orange (high) to yellow (elevated). Airspace restriction cancellations include:
The New York City Aviation Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) (Cancel 3/2127)
The Chicago temporary flight restriction (TFR) (Cancel 3/2290)
The gateway airport and screening requirements for the DC-3 airports (College Park Airport - CGS; Potomac Airfield - VKX; and Washington Executive/Hyde Field - W32) (Cancel 2124)

In addition, sporting event overflight waivers were reinstated (except for banner towers), (Cancel 2120) as were waivers for flights through the National Capitol Region (NCR) (Cancel 2128). The Washington, D.C. ADIZ remains active at this time, as do the Disneyland/Disney World TFRs. TSA is reviewing these fight restrictions to determine if they can be reduced or eliminated.
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P-49 TFR In Effect Through Mid-Monday 
With the President spending the Easter holiday weekend at his ranch near Crawford Texas, the so-called "P-49 TFR" is now active through 12:15 p.m. Monday, April 21. The TFR established a 30-mile, <18,000-feet msl TFR centered on the ranch. Flights without special Secret Service clearance are prohibited within a 10-mile radius of the ranch, while flights within 10-30 miles must be on an active IFR or VFR flight plan with a discrete transponder code assigned by ATC and remain in two-way communications with ATC.
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Meigs Backers Win Another Round In Court
The Friends of Meigs Field (FOM) won another court battle this week when Cook County Circuit Court Judge William Maki denied the City of Chicago and Chicago Park District’s motion to stay discovery in its attempt to overturn a temporary restraining order preventing further destruction of the lakefront airport. The TRO is in effect through at least May 16. The Wednesday (April 16) ruling means the city must provide all relevant documents and answer written questions about the March 30-31 midnight Meigs raid.
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Successful Meigs Fundraiser Held Sunday in Chicago 
An estimated 150 people turned out for a special fundraising dinner sponsored by the Friends of Meigs Field (FOM) to benefit their legal defense fund on Sunday evening, April 13, in downtown Chicago. EAA Executive Vice President Bob Warner was on hand to represent the association and present an EAA contribution to the fund.
"EAA members and Chapters have loyally supported Meigs Field over the years," Warner said. "Meigs is one of our most active Young Eagles sites and provides an exemplary educational opportunity for the community. As a national organization, EAA needs to help prevent the stealing of our national transportation system's vital infrastructure by local politicians"
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EAA/NAFI-Produced ‘Learning To Fly’ Premieres April 28 on Discovery Wings 
Beginning April 28, television viewers can discover the joy and accomplishment of becoming a pilot through the new “Learning to Fly” series produced for the Discovery Wings Channel by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) and its affiliate, the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI). The 13-part series, produced by EAA Television, is the first program dedicated to showcasing the steps in earning a pilot’s license. Each half-hour episode follows the challenges and achievements of one student through each level of training with her flight instructor. The series also shows viewers what is involved in flight training and how they can also take their first steps toward reaching their personal dreams of flight
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More EAA Member-Pilots Chosen To Fly State Flags To Kitty Hawk 
EAA and the National Park Service—partners in EAA’s Countdown to Kitty Hawk program, presented by Ford Motor Company—recently selected 13 additional EAA-member pilots to represent their states in EAA’s “50 Flags to Kitty Hawk” initiative, celebrating the achievements of the Wright brothers and 100 years of powered flight. The 13 pilots represent the states of Alabama, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin.
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‘B2OSH’ Prepares for 14th Annual Group Fly-In 
If you happen to be on convention grounds two days prior to the beginning of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2003, make your way to the flight line and witness a tradition 14 years in the making: the arrival of the Bonanzas to Oshkosh (B2OSH) 2003. B2OSH chairman Elliot Schiffman says everything is going according to plan so far for the 14th group arrival of venerable Beechcrafts. "We have a formal LOA for all the runways and we will arrive in two-ship formation rather than three," Schiffman said of this year's annual V-tailed pilgrimage.
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Flying a Time Machine: the Polikarpov I-16
Dave Morss, three-time Sport Class Gold winner at Reno and freelance test pilot, has this to say about flying the rare Polikarpov I-16, which he will do at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2003: “It's very quirky. I bet they lost more in training and flying than they did in combat.” The 1930s-era Russian front-line fighter was crude and effective. Designed to operate from big Siberian fields, not runways, it took off and landed into the wind. “If you look at the geometry of the landing gear and the narrow little wheels, it's obvious it was made for mud and dirt, and not for runways, so right off the bat we're doing something it was never really designed to do,” Morss explained.
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6th Annual AirVenture Cup - July 27-28
Kitty Hawk to Dayton to Oshkosh 
The sixth annual 2003 EAA AirVenture Cup Race, unites aviation’s rich history with its promising future, bringing together three of aviation’s most historic places: Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, the site of the first powered flight; Dayton, Ohio, the home of the Wright brothers; and the current home of recreational aviation, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. The 2003 AirVenture Cup Race, open to EAA members only, will attempt to replicate the excitement of the Bendix Trophy Races of the 1930s. Cross-country air racing is a fun and exciting sport for any pilot, and the EAA AirVenture Cup, which was first run in 1998, allows amateur-built experimental aircraft to safely compete with aircraft in their own and other performance classifications. New Formula RV class.
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So Far, Yet So Close
EAA's Distance Learning Center Bridges Gaps
Each weekday morning, 21 high school students from Milwaukee, Oshkosh, and Grantsburg, Wisconsin, arrive at their schools by 8:00 a.m. for class. First period, however, is not language arts, math, or even phys ed. It’s aviation fundamentals, a high school science credit course taught by aviation instructor Dave Stetter of EAA and broadcast from EAA’s distance learning center in Oshkosh via Wisconsin’s BadgerNet system.
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EAA Centennial Homebuilt of the Week
Yes, ultralights can be Centennial Homebuilts, too!

The key to receiving an EAA Centennial Recognition Package is that the major portion of the aircraft is built by members for recreational and/or educational purposes. It does not matter if the aircraft ends up being licensed as an Experimental-Amateur Built or unlicensed and flown as an ultralight. Such is the case for this week’s Centennial Homebuilt of the Week, an ultralight Ison (Team) High Max built by Ken Bauer, EAA 568438, Marinette, Wisconsin. Ken says the airplane, powered by a Kawasaki 340 engine and with a paint scheme patterned after a WWII L-4 (including "Betty Boop" nose art), took eight years to build at a cost of $30 per month. Read more about the airplane. (To highlight the EAA Centennial Homebuilts' program, each week e-HOT LINE features one plane from the growing list submitted to EAA. Visit the EAA Centennial Homebuilts website for program details.)

On The Flight Line ---

Robinson Reports 58% Sales Increase
First quarter sales of Robinson Helicopter Company’s R22 and R44 helicopters rose 58 percent, over the same period in 2002, the company reports. Robinson delivered a total of 87 aircraft—57 R44s and 30 R22s—during the first three months of 2003. To accommodate the growth, Robinson added 100 production workers increasing the total workforce from 600 to 700. R44 Raven II production is sold out nearly five months in advance, making it the top selling helicopter in the world. For more information, visit www.robinsonheli.com.

Synergy Air Launches Builders Assistance Center
Synergy Air is a new builder’s assistance center at Eugene, Oregon Airport, dedicated to helping builders of Van’s RV kit aircraft by providing classes, workshops and hands-on training. Founded by Wally Anderson, member of the EAA Homebuilt Council, Synergy Air has an experienced group of instructors, all with extensive RV building experience. Services include classes on condition inspections, aircraft appraisals and complete builder’s assistance. First class, Fundamentals of Building was held in March. “We’re starting by scheduling one- and two-day classes for people who would really like to build one of Van’s exceptional airplanes, but feel the need to learn a few basic skills first,” says Anderson, who has built two award-winning RVs himself. “Soon we will be able to offer complete Builder’s Assistance. RV builders will be able to work in our shop on any part of their airplane project -- from starting tail kits to test flying their airplane -- and get all the help and advice they require along the way.” For more information on class schedules and descriptions, visit www.synergyair.com.
OMF To Launch 4-Place 'Symphony 4'
OMF Aircraft announced a new 4-place aircraft at the recently concluded Sun ’n Fun EAA Fly-In. Based on the Symphony 160 design, the Symphony 4 will have a useful load of 1,190 pounds, carry full fuel (50 gallons), four adults, and their baggage. Powered by the 250 hp Lycoming IO-540-C, the airplane will cruise at 145 knots and have a range is 485 nautical miles, according to preliminary specifications. First flight is expected by the end of 2003. For more information, call 866/OMF-1600.
Superior Selects Airwolf as Oil Filter Kit Supplier
Airwolf Filter Corp. will soon supply Superior Air Parts with Airwolf oil filter systems as an option for installation on the aircraft company’s 360 series aircraft engines. Although certification for the 360 engines is expected soon, the filter kits are available as an option on Superior’s experimental XP-360 Engine and SL-360 engine kits. The Superior 360 is a flat-four, air-cooled powerplant, either carbureted or fuel-injected, that produces between 180 and 200 hp and was designed to accept an oil filter system. Installing the Airwolf oil filter system, which is usually mounted vertically on the firewall, means lower oil temperatures, less drips and mess, and simple replacement. For more information, visit www.airwolf.com or www.superiorairparts.com.
NAA Announces 2002 Mackay Trophy Recipients
The National Aeronautic Association (NAA) announced it awarded the 2002 Clarence Mackay Trophy to the Spectre team of the Air Force’s 16th Special Operations Squadron, based in Hurlburt Field at Florida. Nicknamed Grim 31 after their call sign, this special 14-crewmen unit of an Air Force AC-130 Spectre received the award for their help in rescuing 82 U.S. Army soldiers. The soldiers, part of Operation Enduring Freedom, were trapped in a rugged valley in Afghanistan by Taliban and Al-Qaeda forces on March 2, 2002. During the rescue mission, Grim 31 engaged the enemy overhead at night, while two Black Hawk helicopters picked up the trapped soldiers, including 28 wounded, and brought them to safety. Each year the NAA and the U.S. Air Force present the trophy annually for the meritorious flight of the year, as well as for gallantry, intrepidity, and resourcefulness in either combat or noncombat conditions. The fourteen members of Grim 31 will receive the Mackay Trophy at the NAA’s Fall Awards Banquet. Visit www.naa-usa.org for further information.
Sky Arrow Receives Part 23 Certification
The FAA presented the Sky Arrow 650 TCS and TCNS with FAR Part 23 type certification. Manufactured by Iniziative Industriali Italiane of Rome, Italy, both types are powered by the 98 hp Rotax 912-S2. The 650 TCNS is certified day and night VFR and, once additional equipment is approved, for IFR flying. The first certified 650 TCNS appeared at last week’s Sun ‘n Fun EAA Fly-In, Lakeland, Florida. The carbon fiber two-place tandem is priced at $83,500 (650 TCS) and $ 85,500 (650 TCNS). For more information, call Pacific Aerosystem, Inc., main U.S., Canada and Mexico distributor, at 858/571-1441 or pacaero@earthlink.net
Q & A: Question of the Week
Question for EAA Aviation Information Services:
I am familiar with the regulations regarding building experimental amateur-built aircraft. However, in reading the proposal on experimental light-sport aircraft regulations, I did not find anything pertaining to homebuilt aircraft in this category other than factory kit-built aircraft. Under these proposed regulations, is it not possible to build your own 2-place aircraft using plans or indeed your own design and flying your aircraft under the proposed sport pilot category? If it is possible, then would the plans, or your own design, need to have pre-approval (and probably inspections)? It would be a shame if this would not be possible under the proposed LSA regulations. There are many experienced ultralight builders out there like myself, who would like to transcend to the proposed sports pilot license and also enjoy building their own 2-place aircraft from plans or their own design.

Scratch-built, plans-built, and original-design aircraft, along with aircraft built from kits that meet the major portion (51% rule) requirements for licensing as amateur-built will continue to be licensed as amateur-built aircraft once the new sport pilot/light-sport aircraft (SP/LSA) rules are in effect.
An aircraft does not need to be certificated as a LSA in order to be eligible for operation by sport pilots. So long as the aircraft meets the definition of an LSA, sport pilots will be allowed to operate it. Thus, amateur-built aircraft that meet the definition will be eligible for operation by sport pilots. To put it another way, if you have an original design or plans-built aircraft that meets the LSA definition, you will be allowed to operate it as a sport pilot even though it is licensed as an amateur-built aircraft.
Experimental/LSA category will be used primarily for two situations. In the near term, this will be the category into which existing ultralight trainers and "fat ultralights" are transitioned. Going forward, the experimental/LSA category will be used for the certification of approved LSA kits. These kits may be kit versions of special/LSA (factory-built, ready-to-fly) aircraft, or any kit produced under the industry consensus standard. These kits will not have to meet the major portion requirements that amateur-built kits meet.
I hope this helps you understand the various certification categories. Just remember that as a sport pilot, you will be allowed to fly any aircraft that meets the definition of an LSA, regardless of what category it is certificated in (including standard category).
How can we help you?
To ask a question regarding government issues, e-mail govt@eaa.org. If you have a question about registration, airmen, aircraft and medical certification, safety records, performance, or any other matter, e-mail infoserv@eaa.org.
We are pleased to provide this info to EAA members as a membership benefit. To ensure that this service continues, renew your membership or join EAA today by calling 800/843-3612 or 920/426-5912.

EAA SportAir Workshops


Upcoming Workshops 

April 26-27, 2003, Watsonville, CA
Sheet Metal, Composite Construction, Fabric Covering, Electrical Systems and Avionics, and What's Involved in Kitbuilding?
May 16-18, 2003, Oshkosh, WI
Topics: RV Assembly 
May 16-18, 2003, Griffin (Atlanta), GA
Topics: TIG Welding

See the complete schedule of upcoming SportAir Workshops.

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