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Vintage Aircraft Evaluations
Many of us dream of owning and flying a classic aircraft someday. There are many stories told about these vintage airplanes -- but what can you believe? EAA's "Classic Evaluations" give you the straight scoop on these airplanes. Such classic airplanes as Piper Cubs, Cessna 120s and 140s, Aeronca Champs and more are reviewed. You'll find out what characteristics these airplanes have and what myths have grown around them. You can sort out the facts from the "hangar stories" and -- who knows -- maybe find the vintage airplane of your dreams!

Homebuilt Aircraft Evaluations

How will that homebuilt aircraft actually perform in flight? Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency Inc. (CAFE) is a non-profit, all-volunteer educational foundation sponsored and funded by EAA. It was founded specifically to report performance capabilities of amateur-built aircraft. The CAFE Foundation tests everything from cockpit layout and ground handling to flight stability and landing tendencies. Those findings, including any problem areas, are then published as a guide for those who are building or planning to building airplanes. Look for the most popular homebuilt aircraft tested and reviewed by the CAFE Foundation.

CAFE Foundation
4370 Raymonde Way
Santa Rosa, CA. 95404.
707-526-3925 FAX: 707-544-2734

Engine Q & A

Engine Q & A is an Experimenter magazine column addressing your engine questions, regardless of type, and we do our best to find someone who can provide a knowledgeable answer. This is a column of opinions based on experience, and everyone's experiences count!



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