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    The EAA Legal Advisory Council is a group of attorneys who posses expertise in representing airmen in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) enforcement actions, legal matters pertaining to FAA rulemaking, regulations and other matters pertaining to aviation law. The Legal Advisory Council was organized in 1988, to help provide EAA with the best possible information on regulatory issues that require particular expertise.

    A major goal of the Legal Advisory Council is to promote the portion of the EAA mission statement that emphasizes the preservation of the privilege and right to fly of the general and sport aviation community. Specifically the Council believes that airmen must be made aware of their rights when dealing with the FAA in a potential enforcement matter.

    In conjunction with that awareness, the Council is promoting the knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s) and their effect on general and sport aviation. Most importantly, EAA feels that continued pilot training and the encouragement of safe aviation in conjunction with thorough knowledge of applicable FAR’s helps preserve our privilege and right to fly.

    The Council members are available to EAA members and its chapters to answer basic legal questions and provide guidance from an attorney.

    Those interested in consulting with an EAA Legal Council member should contact EAA Government and Industry Relations at 888-322-4636,www.eaa.org/govt . Each Council member and EAA member is recognized as a highly respected member of this country’s aviation law community.

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