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    You’ve read all the magazine articles ever printed about the Blissmaster 5000 that you just built. But, wait, wasn't there something in one of those articles about how the airspeed indicator would start reading out in Mach speed if you let the nose drop too much? Wow, what an airplane!

    Yeah, the Blissmaster 5000 is the hottest little airplane around and you just built one. It's going to be great to blast through the skies at hundreds of miles per hour, blistering the paint off the nose, and living life as a blur. Much better than all those hours you've spent plodding along in that Cessna 152. Hey, how much harder can it be to fly the Blissmaster 5000?

    On second thought, maybe you should discuss these flight characteristic differences a tad with an EAA Flight Advisor. Those folks can help you compare your current flying abilities with those you'll need to fly the Blissmaster 5000. They'll even help you find instruction in an aircraft like the Blissmaster. If you prefer, they might even be able to find someone qualified to make that first flight for you, someone who can really wring that little sky puppy out and make sure it's ready for you and you're ready for it!

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