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    You’re at that point in your homebuilding project when a second set of eyes looking over your work sure would be comforting. I can hear the questions in your mind:

    Did I really do this right? Does that look right?

    It doesn't matter whether you've just finished your wing rib jig or made the first glass layups, if you're feeling insecure, there's folks around to help. 

    People who’ve been there and done that, people who know the marvels of the aviation world, such as your new Stumpfire Belchwing, like the back of their hand. People who can pat you on the back and say, "No, seriously, it looks fine," or say, "Have you considered doing it over?" This is a vehicle in which you're going to defy gravity; it's obviously better to be safe than sorry.

    What you need is an EAA Technical Counselor! These folks are experienced, volunteer advisors who want to share their knowledge and expertise with you for nothing, free, gratis, zippy! That’s a pretty good deal and they’re nice folks too.

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