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    Welcome to EAA’s center of everything for homebuilding!

    Here, in this little spot on the World Wide Web, directly from EAA’s overheating little server, we’re bringing together all of the information available for the homebuilder. It’s a big job, but we’re not afraid. Bookmark it! Remember it! Put one of those little yellow sticky-notes on the monitor even though they keep falling off all the time until you finally end up just taping it on with regular tape! Because, whether you’re just thinking about building an airplane or are actively constructing one now, this is the place to find the answers and resources you need.

    Here, in a nutshell, is what we’re trying to do here:

    • Assist EAA members with the initial decision as to whether homebuilding is right for him/her
    • Promote the free exchange of information between members in the great EAA tradition of members helping members
    • Increase the safety of EAA member-built aircraft by providing information on standard practices for the construction, testing, and maintenance of your homebuilt
    • Present the homebuilder with a wealth of information that will help in the completion of his/her project
    • Provide EAA members with resources to pursue their dream of designing their own aircraft

    Above are the links to the various sections of Homebuilder’s Headquarters. Notice how they’re listed in pretty much the order that you’d need them as a homebuilder? Isn’t that cool? We did that all by ourselves and…um… yeah, okay, well, each one of those links will take you to the associated section where you’ll find all kinds of info. Oh, and one last thing, be sure to check back often because Homebuilders Headquarters is constantly updated with new stuff.

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