Overview of How to Register and Certify Your Homebuilt

    By EAA Aviation Services

    Step 1: Maintain a Builders Log (begin at start of project)

    Every builder needs to maintain a builders log to document the construction of the aircraft. This will be your proof to the FAA that the aircraft was amateur-built. Simply record the date, time worked, and what was done each time you work on the project. Occasionally take pictures of you working on the project as visual proof.

    Step 2: Purchase an Amateur Built Certification Kit from EAA (optional but highly recommended)

    Kit includes everything you need to register and certificate a new experimental amateur-built aircraft. Included are all FAA forms, 1 Experimental sticker (in black), a dataplate, and a convenient placard decal sheet as well as a 15-page, step-by-step Certification Guide that walks you through the entire process-and provides samples of how to complete each required form. To order, call 800-843-3612, or order online at the EAA Store by clicking here. Price is $12.99 for members.

    Step 3: Reserve an N Number (optional; request anytime)

    If you don’t care what N number is assigned, skip this step. If you’re like most homebuilders, you don’t want your custom built aircraft to end up with some meaningless N number painted on the side. So go ahead and reserve a personalized N number for $10 per year. Visit the FAA Aircraft Registration Branch web site at http://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/ for more info.

    Step 4: Register your Aircraft (allow 90 days to complete)

    You will need to submit the following forms to register your aircraft:

    1. AC Form 8050-1 Aircraft Registration Application (Not available online. Contact your local FSDO)
    2. FAA Form 8050-2 Aircraft Bill of Sale (Kit built aircraft only)
    3. FAA Form 8050-88 Affidavit of Ownership for Amateur Built Aircraft

    Step 5: Submit application for Special Airworthiness Certificate (allow 30 days to set up the inspection)

    You will need to submit the following information:

    1. FAA Form 8130-6 Application for Airworthiness Certificate
    2. Enough data, such as photographs or three-view drawings to identify the aircraft
    3. Weight and balance document
    4. Condition Inspection Form
    5. FAA Form 8130-12 Eligibility Statement Amateur-Built Aircraft
    6. A program letter identifying the aircraft and the area over which the aircraft will be tested

    Link to blank program letter

    Link to sample program letter

    Step 6: Apply for your Repairman Certificate (Apply at time of original certification)

    You will need to submit the following form to receive a repairman certificate:

    1. FAA Form 8610-2 Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application


    Advisory Circular 20-27G Certification and Operation of Amateur-Built Aircraft

    Advisory Circular 65-23A Certification of Repairmen (Experimental Aircraft Builders)

    FAA Amateur-Built Aircraft Reference Material:

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