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This is your resource for locating helpful and experienced EAA members in your area. There are currently two searchable databases:
EAA Flight Advisor
Flight Advisors: The EAA Flight Advisor program helps with everything from finding the right instructor and planning a first flight to determining the types of additional training needed. Flight advisors are here to counsel EAA members, pilots, and all builders considering purchasing an aircraft, preparing for flight in a newly built or restored aircraft, or looking to transition to a high performance or unfamiliar aircraft. All homebuilders and pilots can take advantage of the complimentary services of a Flight Advisor.

To qualify to become an EAA Flight Advisor, you must be a current member of EAA and conform to any one of the following experience measures:

  • First flights or test flown three or more aircraft (homebuilt, restoration or ultralight)
  • Built/restored and test flew own aircraft and
     - is a Technical Counselor with flight test experience
  • ATP or CFI with vintage, homebuilt, or ultralight aircraft experience
  • Military flight test experience with vintage, homebuilt, ultralight aircraft experience

Find a Flight Advisor

PDF Flight Advisor Application
Pilot/Aircraft Self-Evaluation Form

Technical Counselor

EAA Technical Counselors: EAA Technical Counselors are experienced airplane builders, restorers, and mechanics who volunteer their time to visit builders who are in the process of working on a project or restoring their own aircraft. The goal of the Technical Counselor Program is to help EAA members and all homebuilders alike to present a “zero defect” aircraft at its final inspection by the FAA.

EAA's Technical Counselor program, originally developed in 1965 as the Designee Program, is aimed at providing experienced builders to help you make the right choices during construction.

To qualify to become an EAA Technical Counselor, you must be a current member of EAA and conform to any one of the following experience measures:

  • Have built an experimental category aircraft
  • Have restored an antique/classic aircraft
  • Hold an A&P, IA, DAR, DER or Aerospace Engineer rating
  • In the case of an ultralight Technical Counselor, have experience and ability to provide technical assistance to ultralight aircraft builders.

These volunteers visit projects and advise builders on how to comply with building instructions and federal regulations. Technical Counselors offer tips based on their experience and help builders avoid costly mistakes. Through Technical Counselors, EAA helps maintain the excellent reputation of the amateur-built program.

Find a Tech Counselor

PDF Tech Counselor Application
Technical Counselor Report


If you need assistance locating a Flight Advisor or Tech Counselor, please call this phone number: 1.888.EAA.INFO ext. 6864.


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